Static and marching band
The band can play either indoors or outdoors, as a static band or as a marching band. Mostly they perform their concerts standing on a specific area or stage, but they can also play as a traditional New Orleans style marching band, which is very popular for summer celebrations. A marching band configuration is suitable only for outdoor events and with an instrumental formation. It is also possible for the band to perform outdoors with a singer, but only as a static band due to amplification issues.

The Blue Heathens are available in a variety of sizes and forms to fit your needs, venue and budget. The minimum instrumental combo requires at least 5 or 6 musicians. To have a combo with a vocalist, the minimum amount of musicians is 6, but it is strongly recommended that you choose the full formation with 7 musicians. If you desire to book them as a marching band, you can choose to have a group from 5 to 9 musicians.

When the band plays as a marching band they do not need any form of amplification. For a concert in a small venue, the band works with minimal amplification and brings the necessary equipment with them at no extra cost. For larger events, where a full PA system is needed, they can provide the sound installation and a sound engineer at an extra cost. In this case, please allow at least two hours for the installation to be set up, and one hour for a soundcheck before the performance can start.

The band usually arrives at your venue in several cars. They need to park and unload at least one hour before the performance or sound check, and, of course, after the gig. They also need to park their vehicles safely while they play. If the band members need to use commercial parking facilities, that will be at your cost.

Stage and Backstage Areas
If you choose the band to play as a marching band, they do not need any specific area to stand, but if you prefer a stay put configuration, they need an area of around 4 metres wide and 3 metres deep, and at least two sources of electricity nearby. Whether the group plays as a marching band or not, they need a small backstage area ‒ a safe room to keep their instrument cases and coats during the performance.

Food and Drink
When your event involves catering, the band members appreciate that you include them in your plans. During their performance they need to have something to drink, at least a litre bottle of still mineral water for each band member.

When To Book
Although the band is sometimes available at short notice, the more notice you give them, the better the chance is that they will be available. Booking 2 or 3 months in advance is ideal! However, if you are reading this and thinking of an event next Saturday ‒ call them, they will see what they can do.